environmentally conscious auto service

John Volz and John Volz Jr.Volz Bros. has been at the forefront of environmentally conscious auto repair since 1982. As a technician in car dealerships for 10 years, John Volz saw how little the industry did to deal with waste, and how repairing automobiles promoted a harsh approach with chemicals. After moving to Nevada County, the beauty of the area re-enforced his idea to do things differently.

Starting in 1982, long before it was popular, Volz Bros. took on their mission.Looking at every area of their business to find ways to run a cleaner business, they quickly became the leader in auto shops in the area.
Volz Bros. …

  • Became the first auto shop to re-use and recycle as a way of doing business.
  • Began to recycle antifreeze, having it hauled away by a Bay Area hauler. Soon after, started to lobby colleagues to voluntarily recycle their antifreeze.
  • Got their first oil filter crusher in 1984, and was the first crusher in Nevada County and one of the first in northern California.
  • Started buying as much of their products as possible in bulk, reducing the amount of empty containers put in the trash by 30-40 empty gallon plastic containers per month.
  • Eliminated the use of most aerosol sprays.
  • Became the first shop in our county to purchase an air conditioning recycling machine.
  • Began a weekly recycling program for all paper and cardboard.

Volz HeadquartersVolz Bros. has worked closely with local waste management and recycling agencies, and John has been a guest speaker at the California Waste Management Conference in Sacramento. Volz Bros. efforts were also recognized by Import Car Magazine by being selected as a “Top 10 Repair Shop in 1991.”